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With decades of experience and a diverse range of satisfied customers, Make Every Word Count is your foremost authority on copy editing and proofreading. From marketing collateral to resumés, books to business proposals, web content to newsletters and beyond, I’ll make sure your content is completely error-free before it’s finalized.

Raise the Quality of Your Written Content

It’s easy to miss mistakes in your writing. We read what we think is there or what we want to read, which makes it easy for errors to crop up. For other readers, these errors can be a distraction from the message or a stab to your credibility as the writer. It’s why mistakes need to be avoided at all costs to ensure your message and credibility remain intact. There’s no better way to make sure everything is perfect than through experienced copy editing in Ukiah, CA! From a few sentences of content to entire novels or comprehensive business plans, Make Every Word Count is your final authority on copy editing and proofing.

I make sure everything that comes across my desk gets the personalized attention it needs. My proofreading in Ukiah, CA is second to none and encompasses all vital parts of finalizing a draft, including editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, readability, accuracy and more. My foremost goal is to ensure your content is ready for everyone else’s eyes, and that its message is clear and accurate. From minor edits, to complete rewrites, to multiple draft revisions throughout the life of a document, I’m here to help. Let me make sure your content is at its best, no matter the message or the audience.

Sharon Marshall
  • I have an extensive background in marketing and have worked with prominent advertising agencies for more than 25 years.

  • My editing services encompass all major factors of your content, including grammar, punctuation, clarity, readability and accuracy.

  • I offer copy editing services for just about any written content, including business plans and marketing collateral, educational materials, books and more.

  • I perform all editing in-house and in accordance with your deadlines. Your content will never be farmed out or subcontracted!

  • Communication is a cornerstone of my business. I’m happy to correspond with you via email, over the phone or in person, to best understand your editing demands.


Proudly offering proofreading and copy editing services to residents of the following areas:

Ensure the Best Content

Don’t let missed mistakes and overlooked errors detract from the message of your content. Make sure the final step of your process is to contact me for copy editing and the peace of mind that comes with it! Call me today for a consultation.