Editing Services in Ukiah, CA

Don’t spend valuable time writing something important, then skip copy editing at the end. Your message and material will suffer if there are any mistakes. Instead, send your final draft to Make Every Word Count and have it proofed for clarity, grammar, syntax, punctuation and readability. From a quick proof of your web content, to thorough book editing services in Ukiah, CA, I’ll make sure your content is totally error-free.

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Poor grammar, incorrect punctuation and misspellings are the bane of any document—whether it’s a thick novel or a one-page sales sheet. The author immediately loses credibility and the message is diluted. With a careful eye and tenured editing expertise, I’ll make sure your final draft is one that’s completely error-free.

Resumé Assistance

How your present yourself on your resumé has a profound impression on the hiring manager reading it. A clear, competent CV can put you at the top of the candidate pile, just as quickly as a poorly organized, error-ridden one ends up in the trash.

I offer resumé assistance and proofreading services in Ukiah, CA for business professionals who want to make sure they’re putting out the best version of themselves on paper. Not only will I make sure your document is free of any grammatical or syntactical errors, but also that it’s well organized and compelling.

Through my many years of experience as a freelance copy editor in Ukiah, CA, I’ve assisted clients in proofing a diverse range of critical projects. My experience and abilities span the following core types of content:

Make Every Word Count

Even the smallest spelling error or grammatical mistake can have major ramifications. Don’t finalize your documents until a professional copy editor has had a look at them first! Contact me today to get the peace of mind you need, before you sign off on the final draft.